A common idea is that the cloud is a backup storage solution, and many times a confusion between icloud and cloud computing. Actually, this is a lot more, cloud computing is the new/next internet evolution, everything you can do online, without using your computer processor or hard drive will be be consider as cloud computing.

On this website, we will review all possibilities, backup storage, phone, fax, creative software, antivirus and many more, if it’s on the cloud, it’s available her for a free trial.

The cloud storage is nothing new, saving your files online, hosting a website etc are available since the internet exist, even a video editor online is available from awhile without you noticing it, youtube for exemple lets you enhance your videos directly on their website without using any software or processing from your own computer.

We can plan that in a near futur, your device will only be a connection between you and the cloud, without having to download any software, uploading your files on the cloud and all tools will be available in one place. Music, video, doc files … media editor, office suite … it’s already there for free, for an exemple, google drive is using word, exell (or kind of) online, store your media.

Not only a new way of using the internet, these option are updated real time and prices are mostly low when not free. The future is no more bills for software, phone calls, fax, sms, all you need is a good storage and sync and an internet connection.

cloud-signup team