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Store all your files in the cloud, any formats, free storage space limited offers and unlimited storage starting at 6$/month

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We are using amazon s3 backup storage, the most trusted encrypted system military grade level, same using for banks

What is Icloud ?

Icloud is the application includes in all mac to drive all files to the cloud. It's already install and you just have to connect your apple ID ti sync your account.
Unfortunatly, Icloud comes with a limited storage and doesn't make it easy to sync all your devices if your using windows or android, you will need to download and extra application.
Extra storage with icloud is probably the most expensive in drive business, like almost all products from apple.
That's the reason whu most users are searching for icloud alternatives and most of them are switching to justcloud.The major problems comes when you want to sync other products then apple, you probably will use your google account for calendar, or you have an iphone and a pc instead of a mac … ect, that may work, but that will be a lot too expensive for the use. Just because apple is talking strait to their users, they can ask for the price they want without real competition, that’s where justcloud is taking a place.

What is Justcloud ?

ICloud is the reason for justcloud and this present website to exist. Apple is using its own network to promote their product as a backup and sync, while there is a confusion in customer minds. In fact, icloud is mostly dedicated to sync your apple apps on all your devices then really backing up your files.

Mainly a backup and sync service, justcloud is compatible for mac and windows and offering an unlimited storage plan for a low price, about the half of icloud, and you can really sync all kind of devices and apps. Justcloud exist aswell as a mobile app.

If what really need is a bakcup and a sync service, not a apple product central management, the cloud service you need is justcloud, and there a re no risk testing it as you have a 14 days free trial. When signing up a pop will show up and you will be able to download the application totally free, all you have to do then, is choosing the plan suiting your needs.

How to create Cloud account

Simply sign up to justcloud account, it's free and works for all devices. Follow the instructions and you get your free account ready in a minute. Your account is save and 100% private !

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After sign up, you will get a dmg or exe file to download on your computer or any devices, this connecting all in one place and make it easy to access your files from anywhere.

How does it works

You don't need any IT skills, as simple as drag and drop, it's all automated and works in the background. If you're files are too large you can set it as a night schedule so it's all done while you sleep !